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Mobile Service is the core of our business. We value our customers time that we setup a meeting on our customers terms then we'll come go to our customers location.

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Here's a little bit about US

Not much to explain, but here are the key factors about our business.

  • Web Development needs passion, and with our passion we create amazing websites.
  • Customize and Repair Computers are another passion our team has with amazing efforts.
  • Also we care about maintaining websites we create, or the computers we repair. No need to worry if someday it'll break again, we will take care of the issue so rest free and get back to your business while we take care of everything else.





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We are gladly represanting our services with lots of passion and being patient to deliver an amazing services to our customers.

Web Development

Webpages are very important. We will provide clients with different options, and platforms that we will be making websites. We will also offer to maintain the webpages for a monthly fee, or give access to clients to edit or update their webpages.

IT Services

Having multiple computers and devices may cause some issues over time. Even computers, servers, routers, needs some upgrade over time. We will provide to troubleshoot and resolve the issue as soon as possible.


As a new business owner needs different devices for its business. We will provide the best computers, and devices for different businesses needs.


Customizing is the most important step for those who need performance, amazingly fast, and can use up to 4 different monitors at the same time. We can provide that computer with all the information that it's needed.


After few years, everyone should upgrade their computers. After awhile, computers need a bump to catch up with the latest and greatest speed through the internet world. We can upgrade the computer to work flawlessly with the speed that it needs to work.


Repairing computers may the best choice when our customers don't want to change the machine. We could find any issues as fast as possible and solve it within hours. We would walk through our customers what are the issues and needs to be fixed.


There's always more about our business, take a look.

Software Installation

Software Installation is applicable based on the owners needs on daily basis tasks.

Clean Up Unwanted Files

As we use our computers, we store files through out the years. Sometimes those files might slow down the computer, even with a fast proccessor. We clean up unwanted files that will help the computer to have more storage and work much faster.

Anti-Virus Installation

There are lots of Anvti-Viruses out there, but we use the most efficient, lightest, and strongest for it to protect the computer.

Totally Fast

We take the time to troubleshoot, find the issues, to solve them fast and quickly. That way our customers can contintue their device usage again.

Graphic Design

We also do Graphic Design. We create designs from scrach, or if our clinets need an update to their existing design. These designs can be used for website or any other projects


Here you could find some of the portfolio we've done for our clients. Also, a small photo gallery.

  • All
  • Web Development
  • Customizing
  • Upgrading
  • Repairing

Web Dev

Responsive Website

Web Dev

Custome CSS Website

Web Dev

Using best servers for Websites

Web Dev

Clients Website

Web Dev

Clients Website

Web Dev

Clients Website


Custom Motherboard


One of the best graphics card


The best cooling system


Power Source and CPU


Memory and Heat sink


Another graphics with reseanable price


HDD to SSD and Memory


Graphic card and cooling system






Repair MacBook Pro


Repair MB and Troubleshoot


Repair Power Source and Graphics


Repair SSD or HDD


There are lots of different type of projects that we can't price and that's becuase it depends on the project. Here are the pricing to maintain a website after it's been build, and it's all contract free. Upgrade, downgrade and cancel at anytime. Contents of any sort would be provided by our clients.


$99 / hour

  • Content Updates
  • Promotional Updates
  • Add or Remove Products
  • Optomize Organic Search
  • SEO


$279 / month

  • 3 Hours / month
  • Optomize Organic Search
  • Page Updates
  • Everything in Business
  • SEO


$389 / month

  • 4 Hours / month
  • Layout Modifications
  • Social Media Managment
  • SEO
  • Everything in Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand there may be questions and we've got answers. FAQ will help to get some of the common questions our clients have had. We are absolutly all ears if there isn't an answer here, but we'll be happy to answer any questions. Just contact us and we'll get back to you.

  • Do your websites work on mobile devices (responsive)?

    Yes, we believe our mobile designs are some of the best you'll find anywhere. We put a high emphasis on making sure the website experience on a mobile device is second-to-none.

  • Our plans include on-site technical search engine optimization that ensures search engines can easily read and rank your website. For some businesses, this is enough to reach your desired search rank. Others may need additional SEO services, like content and local search optimizations, both of which are included in our Ultimate plan.
    Our approach can be thought of as a General Practitioner who focuses on overall SEO health. Depending on your competition and market, you may need to work with a search engine optimizer in a specialized field to meet your goals.

  • On average, websites launch within 4 to 6 weeks from project start. If you are trying to meet a specific deadline, let us know and we can provide you with options.

  • Most repairs take 2-3 days to complete. There are situations where the repairs may take longer such as when parts have to be ordered. IE Web Tech strives to only use high quality, often original equipment replacement parts and not use cheap, knock-off, low quality parts that will only fail in a short amount of time. These parts are not always readily available, especially for older computers so it may take some time to source the proper replacement parts.

  • This is tough to answer until we have had a chance to fully evaluate the issues you are having with your computer and what it will take to bring it back to full working order. When we schedule our free initial consultation with you, we will take the time to ask you about the problems you are currently experiencing with your computer and what you expect to happen, then make an initial assessment of what needs to be done to make sure your computer performs as you expect it to and present you with an estimate of what the repair cost will be. There are rare times when the final invoice may be slightly higher due to unforeseen issues that surface during repairs, but IE Web Tech will always contact you to authorize the additional charges prior to performing the additional work.


There isn't an actual address becuase our business is mobile. However if there is any questions or concerns you may call or email us.

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Los Angeles, CA 90210

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